“Coupspiracy” is a new word thought up by Patricia, a wonderful 90 year old woman in 2016 before the Presidential primaries.  While watching cable news with family, Patricia thought aloud, “This a coup. It’s also a conspiracy. It’s a Coupspiracy!”

Patricia confidently voted in the primaries for our previous First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Patricia passed away in September 2016. She never witnessed What Happened to Hillary Clinton, or the election of Donald Trump in November or his scary inauguration speech!

Patricia did not have to witness the January 6th, 2021 attack on our Capital and watch people get killed by them during the counting of the electoral votes. Patricia and her husband were life long Republicans from Orange County California. They helped provide full human rights to three beautiful daughters and

This website is dedicated to the enormity of the January 6th, 2021 Capital Insurrection caused by those who denied the results of our next Democratically elected President, Joe Biden.


Coup Or Conspiracy? A Coupspiracy!
Coup Or Conspiracy? It's a Coupspiracy!
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